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Jan. 18th, 2009


I was sure I saw him, but now he's gone again.  Where could he be?  I've been looking for him for what seems like forever.  I'm not even sure what this place is...it has no beginning and no end.

I hope that no one's been messing with him, if indeed he is here.  Because if they have, they'll have to answer to me!


This is not where I should be

This is not Duel Academia. What is this place and what am I doing here? Saioh-sama indicated he had plans he wished to discuss with me as soon as I arrived. I will not be late.

[OOC: You asked for him! White!Kaiser!]

No Light; but Rather Darkness Visible

Was the world -- as perceived by those who happened to be alive -- little more than betrayal and suffering, merging together into one apparently endless vicious circle?

Such a question was one that he couldn't hope to answer -- broken in three along fissure-lines imprinted by fear, anger and envy as he stood, deformed on the inside. There was no discernible answer standing in a clear and concise fashion, in front of his eyes -- merely the murky, hazy confusion that had ruled almost every moment of his short life, condemning him to grope helplessly through all-encompassing, inscrutable darkness. Up was down, left was right, blackness flowed as pale white and warm red -- his own and yet not -- stained him, from top to bottom, marking the boy a thousand times over.

Bastard, doppelganger, imitation, king-slayer, replica... such were the words that others would have probably used in order to define him -- yet ones that the boy would never use towards himself, for he didn't know the meaning of some and deeply resented the ones which sought to strip away his uniqueness as a living, breathing creature.

There was no answer and that only served to deepen the confusion which marred him so thoroughly. He was swathed in a body of flesh (not his own), carried vague, repressed memories (not his own) breathed, walked, spoke and felt... always through that which hadn't been originally his.

One hand brushing across his forehead -- seeking to wipe away the droplets of drying blood, all that remained of the original -- Judai stumbled onward, almost as uncoordinated and unfocused as a drunkard, eyes dulled by the repeated shocks of being used for purposes that he could barely comprehend. It didn't even matter how he had escaped from the wraith-King's embrace of pain -- shadowed words and lies still echoing in his ears, a bond of naive trust shattered by betrayal once more.

Wandering on Aimless Paths

*He had certainly become quite accustomed to having the world shift around him, with apparently no true logic to its movements. It was a fickle thing, akin to the Fates in which he had never truly believed -- yet which had always seemed to hold some sway over most of his truly crucial decisions*

*First that mad place, where individuals were turned into jackals, the moon fell from the sky, almost nothing held any shred of sense... and now, this -- a sprawling, hollow city, in the hazy, reddish light of dusk. It was certainly a much more serene place, when compared to that pit of utter nonsense -- yet that which surrounded him was a barren, lifeless silence, of the kind that had once lowered itself over his ancient land, desolate wastes stretching as far as the eye could see, where life had thrived*

*With a slight frown marring his features, Judai walked upon winding, apparently aimless paths. He had been in this place for several weeks, a sufficient amount of time in order to get himself adjusted to his new surroundings, learning that no path truly lead out of this second dimensional nexus -- all of them converged at the same spot once more, bringing him him back to the point from where he had set off, as if the boy hadn't even bothered to search for a way out in the first place*

*It was a frustrating state of affairs, yet he had somewhat grown accustomed to the feeling of being held in a cage -- for it had been either habituation to it all or the risk of utter madness*

Guess who?

...Where are we now? This is different from where we had been.

Mr. Yusuke isn't here yet... Neither is Uncle Honest... I hope they're okay...

[pulls out a marker and starts drawing on the floor - the lines will trace a fairly large area, about the size of a single room, though certainly only a small portion comparitably]

What are you doing, Yuki?

Marking a new place where brainwashing isn't allowed, of course. We're not at the old place, after all - new place, new area. [sage nod]

...Good idea. Better to be safe than sorry, after all.

The (wannabe) King arrives

[Between one breath and the next, Amon Garam appears. He's dressed much the same way that he was in the latter part of season three, because he's just come from the duel against Yubel!Johan that he lost. He looks somewhat out of breath at first, but recovers as quickly as he can, glancing around.]

What a strange place. Nothing like where I was. [He glances around curiously, mostly to see if there's anyone that he can use for his own purposes knows around.]


Black Ice Dawning (again)

[The Kaiser of Ice has made himself comfortable in a wide open area. Before him are two ice statues, recognizable copies of Daitoukuji and Kagemaru. There is a huge pile of crushed ice off to the side. He eyes the ice statues, then with a flick of his hand sends two huge shards of ice through them, shattering them into pieces. Then he remakes the statues. And does it all over again.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this is the entirely too peaceful smile on his face as he relentlessly murders representations of two people over and over again...

Come poke him?
The thing about change was that it was so very unpredictable. "A man knows not his time"---how true Johan knew this was after everything that had happened, and yet as he came to this new place  the way he acted suggested that he had never experienced a single change in all his life. And perhaps if someone who knew him saw him, they would be just as perturbed as him; where was the marauder directing his superiors? Treading carefully through a nondescript unknown, he divided his attention between his family fit snuggly in their holster beneath his coat and the vague area in front of him.

And for all of his racing half-thoughts and grasping for some realistation that didn't affirm what he dreaded the most, he really didn't have an objective in mind just yet. Perhaps reaching for the sun in the back of his mind, maybe...Glancing down at his Duel Disk, a certain thought was conceived. If this place were another dimensional nexus or meeting place, surely there had to be a way out. He had messed with dimensions before, hadn't he...? But even if there was some sense to his thought, there were would be issues to address. There had to be another duellist first of all, and not any one, but a duellist worthy enough to stand in the presence of the ultimate incarnation of the Gem family. And there was the matter of who would be going home. Maybe everyone, again, but...he knew he would not be able to do that to him again, even if there was no way of confirming that he was even there at all. 

Sighing softly, Johan abandoned the thought and turned his attention within himself. The Gem Beasts offered him a few suggestions, and in the end it was decided that other sentient life should be sought. So, as it was, Ruby materialised on his shoulder and offered a few directions. Nodding slightly, Johan turned around and began making his way in the general direction Ruby had indicated may hold life.

[OOC: Yay, Johan is here? Aha, maybe changing my RP style a bit to get ready for something or another. 8D; And a quick note: despite the icons of fail, Johan is wearing something beside his North School uniform, here is a general doodle idea thing? All credit to my awesome friend, of course~]

A wild Yubel appears?

Not again...this is the second time he's just disappeared without me. Or the both of them--Johan was with him the first time too.

Here's hoping they haven't gotten themselves into a mess or anything. Judai especially.


Someone New Arrives....

[Here, have a girl in one of the Osiris Red uniforms, but there's something different about her. It doesn't look like she's been out in the sun too much and her eyes are red, not from crying or anything, that's just their color, that and she's got a pair of black, demon-like wings on her back]

. . .